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Test and Evaluation

Our CPT team has highly experienced subject matter experts to support all phases of test and evaluation including end-to-end support, individual assessments, planning exercises, business process improvement, and requirements analysis.

Test and Evaluation Support Includes:

  • Assessing Service interoperability in joint operations and explore potential solutions to identified problems
  • Evaluating joint technical and operational concepts and recommend improvements
  • Increasing joint mission capability using quantitative data for analysis
  • Improving modeling and simulation validity with field exercise data
  • Providing feedback to the acquisition and joint operations communities
  • Improving tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)
  • Validating operational testing methodologies that have joint applications


CPT experts conduct research and analysis of complex national security challenges and assess future trends, opportunities, and potential vulnerabilities in order to develop operational concepts that articulate novel operational approaches and innovative capability applications to solve the most challenging national security problems. These concepts inform Joint Force development and design strategies that shape the force today and into the future. Our team is equipped to support all phases of joint concept development, providing innovative solutions to the government’s most complex challenges.

Concept Support Includes:

  • Conducting continuous research and analysis of emerging trends in technology, human geography, and geo-politics
  • Identifying national security gaps and develop concept prospectuses
  • Authoring joint concepts and white papers
  • Developing detailed assessment of the future operating environment
  • Providing analysis and assessment support for implementing Joint Force development recommendations
  • Developing and presenting information papers and briefs to senior DoD military and civilian leadership
  • Supporting pre-approval evaluation and post approval assessment of joint concepts

Affiliations and Certifications