System Administration

Procurement, configuration, installation, and maintenance of your IT systems to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of your network infrastructure.

System Administration

System Administration

CPT expertise in System Administration has been honed over the past decade supporting critical networks and data centers for our government customers. Effective system administration ensures the health and efficiency of your IT system is being maintained in an efficient and scalable manner.

CPT maintains enterprise services through the administration of operating systems and associated software applications, including the installation, maintenance, and compliance with command directed HBSS configurations, and running, fielding, and grooming group policy for Windows and Linux platforms.

Specific functions include performing software upgrades/patches, conducting maintenance task for servers, developing system modernization efforts, and managing user accounts and permissions.

Additionally, our personnel support operations and modernization of our customer assets by reviewing proposed change requests for viability with existing systems and applications.

System Administration Services Include:

  • Identity Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Updates, patches, and configuration changes
  • Information Technology Assessment
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Hardening
  • Enterprise Backup Strategies