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Leadership Development


Command Post Technologies, Inc. delivers an elite Leadership Development Training Program that will advance your organization’s leadership team to the next level of professional performance.  We transform today’s employees into tomorrow’s leaders through immersive, hands-on training led by subject matter experts with exceptional military and corporate backgrounds.  The means is an intensive, scenario-based experience; the result is unlocking your employees’ unique talents and inspiring them to achieve peak leadership potential.


Since the inception of CPT’s training programs in 2008, we have specialized in developing exceptional leaders for the professional sphere and beyond. Training over 40,000 leaders originating from corporate entities and specialized military forces, CPT prides itself on a proven record of leadership development training. CPT looks forward to the challenge of forging leaders who excel at accomplishing the mission.

Unique Approach

CPT focuses on leadership concentrated in military principles and lessons.  From the very beginnings of our organization, CPT has been guided by the core leadership concepts of the U.S. Army: Be, Know, Do.  Today, it leads the leadership-training world with a developmental leadership approach to enhancing human capital and an exceptional approach to teaching.  The delivery system for our leadership program is one that is a truly time-tested, centuries old vehicle for organizational success: experiences and insights from the battlefield.


Team CPT has a well-documented history of experience and expertise in both military and corporate transformational leadership development.  CPT’s team of coaches and mentors are equipped with a deep understanding of how to train the trainer during transformational change.  Possessing a select team with concentrated military experience, Team CPT contributes over 400 years of military leadership experience to every training program.  Additionally, Team CPT can assist with cross-training concerns of any business or corporation.

Our instructors and facilitators come from diverse and challenging environments – including military, law enforcement, academic, and corporate backgrounds – ensuring that participants experience a transformational leadership event that supports their organization’s strategic direction and enhances their character to the core.


From training entry-level professionals to Navy SEALs, CPT has constructed an extremely effective model to assess, measure, and review leadership behavior.  The team at CPT will leverage this experience in generating mission-specific training packages to create a custom curriculum that addresses leadership solutions specific to your organization.

We begin by using front-end assessments to customize a program that fits your organization’s distinct leadership needs and follow through with dynamic, hands-on exercises that intensify lessons in communication, team building, and innovative problem solving.  Your employees will not be confined to classroom training, rather we supplement classroom instruction with challenging, immersive training in a wide variety of demanding environments.

The journey does not end there: the training program is just the beginning of a dedicated relationship between our coaches and your future leaders.  After training completion, each participant will receive an Individualized Leadership Assessment and Plan (LeAP).  Our LEaP methodology is a highly refined system that enables Team CPT to incisively assess participants’ current leadership abilities and provide actionable items for them to implement on their path to reaching full leadership potential.  The personalized LEaP is delivered directly from coach to participant, and time is spent between the two to review the process, assess their progress, and provide one-on-one attention throughout the duration of the program.

Is your organization ready to take the LEaP with us?