We are Command Post Technologies, Inc. (CPT). Headquartered out of Suffolk, VA in 2008, CPT has grown to a widespread, national scale having a presence in Orlando, FL, San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, and Norfolk, VA. CPT is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), providing engineering services in the areas of Cyber Security, Software Development, Test & Evaluation, and Strategic Planning. Over the years CPT has cultivated a dynamic work environment through developing a strong culture rooted in our core principles of integrity, determination, and innovation. In all of CPT’s collaboration efforts, our team prioritizes communication, accountability, and being resourceful in order to maximize efficiency and results.

CPT’s Guiding Principles Are:

  • Do the right thing
  • Do the best you can
  • Show others that you care
  • Be above board
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect (The Golden Rule)
CPT’s workforce

A key component that works hand-in-hand with “Do the right thing” and “Be above board” is never over-promise and always over-deliver. Constantly look for ways to innovate and provide more value to our clients and our team members. Communication is fundamental to successful relationships and successful teams. We all communicate differently. Have awareness and look for ways to continuously improve our communications.

The Traits and qualities of our team include

  • Committed work ethic
  • Dedicated to their role supporting our team and team members
  • Sense of accountability
  • Initiative - takes action
  • Coachable
  • Seeks opportunities for growth and improvement
  • Looks for ways to contribute to process improvement - resourceful
  • Make it a habit to ask, “what else can be done?  How else can I add value to CPT or the team today?  This week? This month?

The diversity of our team is one of our greatest strengths. CPT consists of individuals with a proven record of their own wide-ranging accomplishments. These experiences include tactical and technical assignments serving in various elite units, in support of global contingency operations throughout the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters and elsewhere. Additionally, niche experience in compartmented special operations and intelligence activities allow us to provide in-depth operational and analytical support to strategic, operational and tactical planning.

CPT’s workforce is comprised of leading experts in their respective fields of Cyber Engineering and Cybersecurity Services, Cyber Environment Planning, Joint Future Concept Development, and Experimental Test and Evaluation (T&E). 

This workforce is supported by best-in-class GovCon infrastructure to provide seamless support, reporting, and business continuity.  Command Post Technologies Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified; compliant with CMMC Level 2, self-attestation requirements under DFARS 252.200-7019; and, operates using a DCAA certified accounting system  As the prime on multiple government contracts our company has gained a reputation as a nimble and focused organization with a large business infrastructure and stability. 

CPT’s Vision Statement:

  • To grow a sustainable business that continues to provide jobs and growth opportunities for our team members so they can perform meaningful work and support their families, communities, churches and others.
  • To provide unique and specialized professional services to our clients. To be the employer of choice with a culture of accountability.